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We’re All About Quality, Service & Communication

We Achieve This With Our 4-Step Process


Initial outcome of requirements for example target audience, specific design requirements, colour schemes, branding etc.


Your dedicated developer will create a design tailored to your spec, colour schemes and branding as they feel best, once this has been completed your will receive your first preview, time frames on receiving will vary dependent on project.


It is imperative at this stage that you as a client keep in contact with your developer, as this seems to be where the project can slow down. Your input is key into getting the websites exactly as you wish then getting the website live.


Finally just before the website goes live we like to get our clients to come in house and go through with your developer how to update and change your new professionally built bespoke website. Then if you are having marketing you can run through the strategy.

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Here's a Little Bit

About Us

We are the new kids on the block making people really think more about their options and making sure they are getting value for their money. At Media Brothers we pride ourselves on being completely honest with our clients so they feel confident and at ease to work with us, we are a new company formed in early 2017 but have an abundance of knowledge and skills between us throughout our team.

Our aim is to make your whole online advertising as painless as possible by simplifying the jargon that comes with talking about web design. Guiding your company through our four-step process, which breaks down the process so that you are in full control of what is happening with your new website at all times.

Here's a Little Bit

About Us

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